Jim Beers

Jim is a former Communications Coordinator at Colorado State University. He retired this past year and has enjoyed refereeing, skiing in Steamboat with his family, and volunteering in the Fort Collins community. Jim is an incredibly positive and engaging person, and has a great outlook on life that continues to influence those around him.

What is the most relaxed and worry free you have ever been?

I would say there are two answers to that. The first is my childhood. I had a wonderful upbringing. My parents were supportive, I had a sister that I got along with (for the most part), and teenage angst hadn’t set in yet.

The second time is right now. Retirement has been different than I thought it would be, but different in a much better way. After deciding to retire, I didn’t know what I wanted to do right away, but dived right in and did a lot of refereeing, volunteering, and travelling with my wife. We recently decided to move to steamboat as well! The goal is to work part time somewhere up there as well as continue to volunteer to keep myself busy. The nice thing about retirement is there is no report to get out the door and no deadlines to hit. I can get involved and volunteer without dealing with the stress of management.

You have the opportunity to go live on Mars all expenses paid, but you can only bring one personal item. Would you do it? If you did, what would you bring?

I would go to Mars all expenses paid in a heartbeat. What would I bring though… A picture of my wife and family? Something more practical that can benefit me when I’m on Mars? Honestly, I don’t have a great answer to that, but I’ve thought about it a decent amount.

I can see people being sent to Mars happening in the future, and we do have visionaries in our world that will probably raise enough money to attempt an expedition. There are a lot of hurdles to jump before that’s even possible, but I think it could and most likely will happen. Before we went to the Moon, nearly everyone thought it was impossible.

What is the best advice you received when you were fresh out of college?

I went to Central Michigan University after growing up in Michigan, and right after graduation the last thing I wanted to do was stay where I was.

I began to search for a job out of State, and Denver became a huge blip on my radar. During this time, my parents kept encouraging me by saying, “Whatever you want to do, GO for it!” So I did. They were kind enough to give me funds to live with a friend in Denver for a month and pretty soon I landed a job as a DJ. The rest is history.

What verse, quote, saying, or phrase means the most to you and why?

The two words that have stuck with me the most are these: “Go forth.” Keep looking forward. Don’t forget about the experiences that have shaped who you are, but keep your eyes to the horizon for opportunities and experiences that can enrich your life or benefit your community.

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